Kerr Energy Companies, LLC

About Us

Kerr Energy Companies, LLC  is a Houston based independent oil and natural gas company.  Our primary mission is to explore, acquire, and produce, oil and natural gas throughout, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico.  After completion our management team stands ready to provide:

Oil and Gas, Mineral Management Services

At Kerr Energy, we understand the unique role that oil, gas and
mineral assets play in your portfolio. Kerr Energy Oil and Gas
Mineral Management Services is one of the country's largest and most
experienced managers of oil, gas and mineral interests. Our
professionals can help you enhance the value of your oil, gas and
mineral assets

At Kerr Energy, our Oil and Gas, Mineral Management specialists are
committed to helping you manage these complex assets.

Asset management involves the financial aspects of ownership,
including risk potential, growth and income characteristics, and
compatibility with the rest of your portfolio. Our experienced oil,
gas and mineral management services professionals will:

    * Coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to evaluate the
asset's role as part of your  wealth plan
    * Work closely with your advisors to analyze income and certain

tax liabilities
    * Assess environmental and other risk management concerns

Property management services

Property management refers to all the services and resources needed to
handle day-to day operations:

    * Negotiate contracts and lease
    * Process royalty and rental income
    * Oversee payment of property taxes
    * Monitor and evaluate drilling participation
    * Advise on general liability insurance policies for working interests
    * Evaluate options to help minimize environmental risk
    * Promote the leasing and development of unleased mineral interests
    * Provide annual income and expense data for preparation of tax returns
    * Conduct inspections, valuations and reviews

"Continuing to earn the reputation that was earned over many decades"

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